Associated Publishers

Hadean Press
Hadean Press has the honour of being my first real world publisher, graciously adding my dream like narrative on entropic magick, Cities of Life and Death, to the second issue of their excellent Conjure Codex series. Founded in 2008 by Dis Albion and Erzebet Barthold, Hadean specialises in books, journals and pamphlets on various occult and esoteric subjects. Interestingly, they make a good portion of their output available in both cost effective paperback and exquisite hand bound hardback editions, allowing for the aspiring adept to alter their experience based upon personal funds and circumstances.

The Pagan Federation
Pagan Dawn is the official journal of the Pagan Federation, a not for profit organisation with over 45 years experience seeking equal rights for the UK pagan community. They carried my tribute to Lilith, rebellious kisses, in the winter 2016 edition accompanied by some fantastically emotive photography. Aside from my own work, Pagan Dawn has featured interviews with many of the most instantly recognisable names in the magickal diaspora, including Alan Moore and Professor Ronald Hutton. It is free to Federation members and published seasonally to coincide with Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane and Lammas, as well as being for sale in select esoteric and occult shops countrywide.

Nexus New Times
While Nexus Magazine is the premier outlet for the kind of unpopular and otherwise damned ideas that tend to be needlessly discounted by the mainstream, it is its sister project over at the Nexus Newsfeed website that has featured my work. This was Fear The Reaper, a darkly comic take on the dangers of ghost hunting, and a shining example of the sort of gonzo journalism that would not really fit within the pages of the print magazine. Run by a small team of dedicated staffers who pride themselves on presenting ideas without a particular religious or political bias, it is the one alternative publication that I had long aspired to be associated with.